Hollywood Moving Services

Questions You Should Ask Hollywood Moving Services Before The Move

When you consider your upcoming move, it really helps to think like a project manager. Be organized and thorough. After all, you are in charge of all of your worldly possessions. Likely, it has taken you the entirety of your life to accumulate them.

It’s recommended that you get in touch with a local, reputable mover. One such company is Hollywood Moving Services. Once connected with the office, set aside some time to thoroughly review and record the answers to the following questions. Keep in mind, this list is not exhaustive. It’s merely a starting point. Feel free to ask more, depending on how complicated you feel your move will be. If your move is over a 100 mile distance and in the state of California, it is considered a long distance move, for which a flat rate applies. The following list is more applicable for a move that is under 100 miles from the place of origination to the final destination.

1. Does double drive time (DDT) apply to your move? DDT is a California state law. It is generally applied for moves over 15 miles but under 100 miles and it is intended to eliminate fuel or trip charges that companies could illegitimately apply to your bill.

2. In addition to confirming the number of movers needed, based on the size of your home or apartment, ask if there are any hidden fees. Since the cost of the move is based on hours from the time the movers arrive at your current location and until they are done at the final destination, find out if there is any minimum number of hours for the job and what, if any, extra charges may be applied. Also ask, are there options to buy packing materials? For people with very heavy items, such as pianos, safes or pool tables, ask if there are extra costs to move them or any disassembling or reassembling fees.

3. Some moves are smaller and may be from one apartment to another in the same complex. One should ask if there is a reduced service fee for such a move as this type, one that would not require a truck but instead just the cost of the movers to take care of heavy items or to move complete apartment contents from one apartment to another in the same building.

4. Other concerns, not to be overlooked, are related to insurance coverage available, workers’ comp coverage, length of time the company has been in business in the community, etc.

Remember that good planning will help reduce surprises, namely fees, and generate the most accurate expectations for moving. Good luck with your move and the next chapter in your journey.