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Coconut Grove Moving ServicesCoconut Grove Moving Services – Five Moving Tips To Help Plan The Big Day

Moving in Coconut Grove, Florida can be tricky without some careful planning. A lot is going to be going during a move so having a checklist to plan as much as you can prior to the move is helpful. Here are some important tips to get done before the moving trucks show up!

1) Clean out the fridge. No one has time to sort through week-old lunch meat on moving day. The only thing you should have in the fridge is a few last-minute frozen foods you can microwave. Clean everything else out. Also, when you finally unplug it, have a sock filled with coffee beans or baking soda to make sure the fridge keeps it freshness.

2) Be careful about irreplaceable items. If something falls under the “irreplaceable” category, take it with you personally. Pictures, glassware, or anything of high sentimental value need to end up and stay in your vehicle.

3) Print out your contact phone numbers and a backup phone number. If you have more than one truck moving your things, be sure that each one has a phone number to reach you and a backup in case you’re busy.

4) Pack plates yourself. Plates need to be packed vertically in boxes and insulated carefully with newspaper, bubble wrap or other packing materials.

5) Put the “necessities” box into your car. This should include a sheet set, toiletries, can openers, paper plates and utensils. You want to have everything you may need on your day of arrival. This way you won’t arrive late and tired and still have to sort through boxes for a meal.

When you are moving, be sure to take time for necessary planning. This is going to be a great advantage on moving day. And it will ease your mind that the move will go that much smoother.